Who We Are

Boom works with artists we love—soulful people who create joy for others with their amazing work. Our core value is to always act in the best interest of these artists. With this principle leading the way, our impeccable work follows.

Our relationship with each artist begins with the question “why do you make music?” With a true understanding of an artist's vision, we're able to create an all-encompasing strategy for reaching their short and long-term goals. By setting a clear destination we're able to execute a road map unique to each artist.

Boom was founded by Daniel Field. Read more about him here.

Our Mission

To meet and exceed career goals with each client.
We maintain a selective roster that allows us to focus our energy on each artist.

To support creative thought and actions.
We work on a foundation of mutual trust and open communication; allowing for the benefits of true creative collaboration, effective decision making, and efficiency in navigating tough situations.

To work in a way that is healthy for our artists and team.
We are impeccable with our word, we don't take anything personally, we don't make assumptions, and we always do our best.