About Daniel Field

Prior to his career in the music industry, Daniel owned Sessions Skateboard and Snowboard shop in Chicago. In 1992, Daniel produced and curated the first Art Gallery show that contained the work of skateboarders. It was the first art show for Ed Templeton, Mark Gonzales, Thomas Cambell, Spike Jonze and others. This lead to him helping Adidas with the design of the “Norton” shoe. Their first ever skate shoe. It immediately became their best selling shoe and remained in their line for many years.

Daniel's start in the music industry was the production manager for Ministry. This led to him doing their lighting and stage design, and eventually he began managing the band in 1996.

Daniel relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1995. At that time he co-founded a management company, Cobalt, with Spike Jonze. While in LA, Daniel wrote for Grand Royal magazine.His article on the history of Adidas led the company to offer him a job leading their Originals division. In 1997 Daniel became the general manager for Girl Skateboards.

In 1999, Daniel was hired by Michael Ovitz and Rick Yorn to work in the music division of Artist Management Group. During that time he managed Pete Yorn, whose debut album sold over 500k copies in the US.

In 2000, Daniel began managing Audioslave, whose debut album sold over 6 million copies. Later he came up with the idea that Audioslave should be the first American rock band to play Cuba. After petitioning both governments requesting a cultural exchange, Castro and Bush signed off on it and the band played a free show in Havana to 70k people.

In 2005, he began managing weezer and relaunched the band's career. The first single he worked, Beverly Hills, was the first song to hit 1 million downloads on iTunes. Later with weezer, Daniel produced the Grammy-award winning video Pork & Beans. Followed by numerous innovations including 2 weezer cruises, the first Youtube takeover, a weezer snuggie infomercial, and the first band to write a song on Youtube. In 2010, weezer was named one of best music companies by Fast Company Inc.

Other projects started by Daniel include Olade, the first organic no-sugar added lemonade. He also managed the clothing designer Paul Frank. As a photographer, Daniel's photos have been used in artist packaging and featured in every music media outlet.